Geohellas – Litter For Cats Imperial Care Baby Powder Clumping



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IMPERIAL CARE Baby Powder variety is enriched with special baby powder aroma which releases a unique, sweet scent of freshness every time your cat uses the tray.

If you believe that your precious cat deserves to feel like royalty and you also desire a discreet, calming scent of freshness whenever the tray is being used, IMPERIAL CARE Baby Powder Aroma is perfect for you and your cat!

IMPERIAL CARE Baby Powder Aroma cat litter is a natural product with superior absorbency. It is a premium clumping ultra compact cat litter, enriched with a sweet Baby Powder Aroma, which neutralizes litter box odour in a way ordinary cat litters cannot.

What is more, IMPERIAL CARE Baby Powder Aroma is an ultra compact premium clumping cat litter that forms strong clumps and as a result causes less tracking and less dust. This is something your cat will love and will make the cleaning process of the litter box a piece of cake for you.

It is available in convenient 6L and 10L carton boxes.

Litres (L)

10L, 6L


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