Hunter – Bed/Cave For Cat Lille 50x35x55cm



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Cats are happy to be on their own as they value their privacy. With the LILLE cat cave you can offer your house cat a cosy hideaway which keeps boredom at bay
thanks to the integrated toy.
The LILLE cat cave can blend into any environment owing to its cheery cat’s head design and is an eye-catcher for humans too. Thanks to the little fur-covered
ears and the cat’s tail stuck on to the back, you can see straight away for whom this cave is intended. The integrated toy provides a source of entertainment within the cat cave.
The LILLE cat cave can be folded up and then stored very easily. This cat cave will therefore always be interesting for your four-legged friend.
Cat hairs can easily be removed from the LILLE cat cave with a damp finger or a silicon brush. You can also wash the cat cave by hand if necessary.


Anthracite/Grey, Beige/Brown


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