Imac – Cage For Birds Sonia White / Blue – 47cmX29cmX45cm



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Pleasant and comfortable, with a rounded sloping roof, Sonia is the cage for exotic canaries and small. The avio blue resistant plastic bottom is combined with a white painted metal mesh structure. Characteristic of this rectangular cage is the grate placed on the bottom which prevents your little friend from resting his paws on his droppings and soiling the rest of the cage accordingly. Included you will find two perches, a swing, a Tweety 100 drinker and two Mia plastic troughs, ideal for pouring food without removing them from the cage. It has two openings, one frontal and one lateral, to allow easy access to the cage, for normal maintenance operations. While for a thorough cleaning it is sufficient to release the bottom from the structure, by means of the two convenient lateral clips and thanks to the grid on the bottom, possible bird leaks will be avoided. The handle on the roof will allow you to easily carry the Sonia cage. As an option you can choose between the 202, 214 or 216 Port Stands, the one that best fits your home.




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