Imac – Cage For Rabbit Easy 120 Blue / Black – 120cmX60cmX46.5cm



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Comfortable, spacious, this cage will make you and your rodent friends happy. Easy 120 the cage for rabbits and guinea pigs with a sturdy plastic bottom and a metal mesh structure that can be easily separated thanks to the two side hooks. A large side door and one on the top, allow easy access for the daily care of the rodent. A feeder attached to the outside of the net will allow you to easily and easily supply the hay whenever necessary. Choose from the numerous accessories the ones that best suit your pet’s needs, to create the perfect habitat. The optional Portagabbie 120 will allow you to move the cage without difficulty, thanks to the swivel wheels. Easy 120 is a cage made with the space-saving system, easily transportable and assembled.




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