Little One – Snack For All Small Mammals Vitamin C 180g

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Branches covered with petals and grasses are not only a favorite treat for rodents and rabbits, but also a beneficial addition to their diet. The treat will help to wear down constantly growing animals’ teeth and will become a source of vitamins and minerals contained in branches and plants.

A wide variety of petals, which are included in the treat, tone up and beneficially effect on the overall animal well-being. For instance petals of calendula, sunflower and cornflower contribute greatly to gastrointestinal health. While hibiscus and sunflower petals have antibacterial and antioxidant properties.
Grasses are rich in lon-tissue fibers, which are required for proper and comfortable digestion as well as serve as a dental care tool.


  • fruit branches
  • meadow grasses (28%)
  • flower petals 0,5% (wild rose, marigold, hibiscus, sunflower, cornflower)
  • derivatives of vegetable origin

Feeding instructions:

  • Use branches with petals and grasses as an complementary feed for rodents and rabbits.
  • Offer Yummy branches with different cover to diversify and enrich the pet’s diet.


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