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Along with the main food birds need to be constantly supplied with grit due to certain peculiarities of their digestive system. The point is that birds do not have teeth and their function is performed by the muscular stomach where food is ground by means of gastrolites — little stones swallowed by birds serving as a little millstone.

RIO Mineral Mixture is a multicomponent mixture of organic and inorganic particles, which grind food in the stomach of birds, remove toxic substances from the body and serve as an additional source of calcium, phosphorus, sodium and other mineral substances.

Coquina is the crushed marine shell and represents an important source of calcium, phosphorus, sodium and other minerals. Coquina dissolves in the acidic environment of the stomach; the obtained mineral salts can be easily absorbed in the bird’s body. Coquina is especially necessary during the nesting period for building of strong eggshells as well as to maintain healthy bones and beak in chicks and adult birds.

Limestone is obtained by grinding and following drying of the mineral calcite. Limestone is rich in substances, which support the water-salt balance and lead to a better growth of the bone tissue.

Redstone ensures a proper functioning of the digestive tract in birds. A regular consumption of redstone leads to more solid droppings.

Ground Cambrian clay is necessary for the removal of toxic substances, which can be accumulated in the bird’s body. Furthermore, clay contains minerals, organic substances, iron oxides and other beneficial nutrients.

Shredded cedar nut shell contains a variety of micro- and macronutrients. Moreover, the shell possesses adsorbing activity; has shown astringent, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect.

Wood charcoal regulates the level of acidity in the stomach of birds; its consumption aids to prevent gastrointestinal diseases. Due to its high porosity charcoal is able to remove poisonous substances from the body.

  • Grit / Mineral Mixture 600g
  • Grit / Mineral Mixture 4kg


  • seashells
  • limestone
  • redstone
  • cambrian clay
  • cedar nut shells
  • charcoal

Analytical consituents:

  • crude ash – 85%
  • calcium – 31,5%
  • sodium – 0,38%
  • phosphorus – 0,04%

Feeding instructions:

  • The mixture has to be poured in a separate feeder or spread at the bottom of the birdcage.
  • It is recommended to freshen the mixture regularly, at least once a week.

4kg, 600g


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