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Birds need a whole set of nutrients for a healthy and complete diet. This includes proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals etc. In order to provide this variety, it is important that birds are offered supplements with their daily food. Universal feed RIO is soft egg-based food with the addition of various fruits, berries and crustaceans: Gammarus and river crayfish. A balanced combination of these ingredients and natural honey makes this food especially nutritious and delicious for all bird species. It is perfect for fruit-eating, exotic birds, small and large parrots, as well as nectar-eating birds including lories, lorikeets, etc. This food has a low iron content (below 60 ppm), which fits the needs of fruit-eating birds. Universal food is enriched with spirulina, which deepens feather color and shine. Animal protein is very important during the moulting, breeding season and for an optimal growth of young birds.


  • bakery products
  • sugars (including honey)
  • fruit and berries (sultanas – 40%, pineapple – 20%, papaya – 20%, rowan – 10%, juniper berries – 10%)
  • plant products
  • crustaceans (crayfish – 70%, Gammarus – 30%)
  • yeast
  • algae (Spirulina)
  • minerals


  • protein — 16%
  • fats — 10%
  • fiber — 2%
  • calcium — 1,1%
  • phosporus — 0,6%


  • vitamin А — 13000 IU
  • vitamin D3 — 1300 IU
  • vitamin E — 50 mg
  • vitamin C — 150 mg
  • E1 (iron) — 60 mg
  • E2 (iodine) — 1 mg
  • E4 (Copper) — 10 mg
  • E5 (Manganese) — 50 mg
  • E6 (Zinc) — 35 mg
  • methionine — 50 mg
  • natural flavor (vanilla)
  • antioxidants

Instructions for use:

  • Depending on the species of the bird, RIO Universal Feed can be used as the main diet or supplement.
  • Fruit-eating birds (including fruit pigeons): use as the main feed.
  • Provide a fresh portion daily. Lories and lorikeets: use as a daily supplement to the main feed (nectar and fresh fruit).
  • Parakeets and parrots: a supplement to main or eggfood (2/3 eggfood and 1/3 universal food). Give two or three times a week.
  • Remove the remnants of uneaten feed every day.

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