Sepi Cat – Deofresh For Cat Litters 357g

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Our best accessory.

Sepicat Deo Fresh is a deodorant for your cat litter comprised of 100% natural clay, the micro-granules of which are specially-designed for boosting the properties of its classic product.

Main properties:

  • Contains odor-inhibiting agents and gives off a pleasant honeysuckle scent.
  • Specially designed to reduce unpleasant odors and to hence make this litter more long-lasting.

Sepicat Deo Fresh is easy to use: Sprinkle Sepicat Deo Fresh evenly over the floor of your litter box. Next, pour your cat litter into the litter box.

  • Our Sepicat Deodorants range are natural deodorants made from 100% natural clays.
  • They have been specially designed to reduce odors and prolong the duration of your Sepicat absorbent cat litter.
  • Very easy to use! Before pouring the absorbent litter of your choice, simply sprinkle evenly the bottom of the tray with Sepicat deodorant
  • Not only removes bad odors odors, but also keeps your cat box smelling clean when you get home from work.


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