Sepi Cat – Litter For Cats Fresh & White Comfort 7L

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Whiteness, freshness and extra clumpability all combined in one single product.

Sepicat White Fresh is a 100% natural clumping cat litter comprised of fine ultra-white clay granules, specially designed to holding in the moisture by forming small compact clumps easy to see and remove.

Main properties:

  • This product’s special whiteness provides Sepicat White Freshwith some unique hygiene-related properties and top comfort for your cat.
  • Fine granules.
  • Excellent clumpability.
  • 100% natural: Made from white bentonite.
  • Gives off a pleasant fresh and pleasant scent (cotton blossom) on coming in contact with the liquid.
  • 99% dust free.

Sepicat White Fresh clumping cat litter is very easy to use: Pour a 5-7 cm. layer into the litter box. The cat litter will form compact clumps when your pet uses the bed of litter. Scoop out the clumps and feces. Add more Sepicat Fresh & White Classic whenever necessary.


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