SICCE – Tidal Aquarium Hanging Filter 55gal / 208L

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Made in collaboration with SEACHEM, TIDAL hang on filters are designed from the ground up to provide the aquarium with high-quality, comprehensive filtration. They are easy to use and adaptable to a variety of aquarium conditions. They are suited to a wide variety of aquarium setups from saltwater to freshwater, Filter size 55 US gal – 208L.

  • The large capacity design of the filter basket allows for any type of Seachem filter media, which can be interchanged and placed in custom configurations. All Tidal™ Filters come with Seachem’s Matrix™ bio-media and a foam filter to get you started.
  • Adjustable intake flow
  • Self-priming pump & self-cleaning impeller
  • Optional heater holder INCLUDED
  • The surface skimmer will capture the water from just below the surface, where excreted fish oils accumulate, and deeper in the tank removing floating debris.
  • Fully adjustable flow regulation adjusts performance to a specific aquarium volume, type, or provide an environment for fish which prefer more or less water movement or oxygenation.


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